Project Administration

Project Partner makes setting up and administrating a project easy. All Project Information such as the brief, milestone dates and all project staff and their roles on the project are stored in a central location.


Thus each project team is equipped with identical information, making communication and working easier, particularly between remote project teams. A User level security system ensures that Project Information remains secure with edit access only available to the project manager or selected staff.


Project Partner: Key Features

  • Project Administration and Programme Management.

  • Central document Management System with workflow.

  • Resource and User Administration.

  • Project Specific and general Meeting Forums enabling Project teams to communicate effectively online.

  • Project Specific and general Task System allowing Project tasks and Programmes to be clearly identified.

  • Integrated email facility that contacts the relevant project staff at key moments, such as new file additions, new meeting forums, new tasks assigned to them.

  • Audit trail that tracks all project files, meeting forum communication and all other project documentation.